Collections: We can work with you on site to care for and manage your collections, as well as to create policies and plans for long-term success.

  • Cataloging and processing

  • Preventative care and storage

  • Collections research

  • Collections policy development

  • Collections planning

  • Collaborative approaches to collections access and care

  • Specializing in Native American collections

Exhibits: With a goal to create engaging, relevant exhibits and other interpretive content, we will work with you to connect your collections, stories, and resources to the knowledge in and needs of your community.

  • Exhibit planning

  • Exhibit curation

  • Exhibit project management

  • Collaborative exhibit development


Community Collaboration: Museums, historical societies, and other cultural and arts organizations can be strong and relevant in today’s changing world when they are connected to and meeting the needs of their community. We will work with you to build the relationships to support sustainable community engagement and collaboration.

  • Developing relationships

  • Collaborative projects – collections and exhibits

  • Tribal collaborations

  • Social justice and equity practice


















Disaster Planning and Response: One of the most critical aspects of responsible collections care and museum operations is being prepared to respond to an emergency or disaster. Gray brings both her museum expertise and her 20 years as a firefighter and fire service leader to disaster preparedness and response for museum and other cultural organizations.

  • Disaster plan development

  • Disaster response training

  • Preplanning with local first responders

  • Initial disaster response


Facilities: Bringing together the needs of your collections and your facilities, we can work with you to monitor and track system operations, to partner effectively with service providers, and to find sustainable solutions for your facility.

  • Monitor and track temperature, humidity, and light

  • Systems research and planning

  • Sustainable collections care and building systems

  • Identify and connect with experts in the field to meet your sustainability goals


Grant writing: Finding the right financial support for your project is essential. We can work with you to identify potential funders and write successful grant proposals to federal and state agencies and private foundations.